STEAM Workshops

STEAM Workshops are single-day, multi-disciplinary, career-focused STEAM camp filled with inspiration, imagination, innovation, creativity, and more. In this one-of-a-kind program, students become immersed into the world of theme park magic as they create their very own animatronic figure.

STEAM Workshops for Youth

Our STEAM workshops offer enriching opportunities tailored for underserved youth. Through hands-on experiences, we ignite their interest and open doors to explore the diverse world of STEAM education and related careers.

Committed to accessibility and engagement, our mission is to empower these young individuals to discover their potential, pursue their passions, and navigate the ever-evolving landscape of STEAM education and beyond.

The Garner Holt Foundation collaborates with other organizations to expand its impact in the community. Through partnerships, it offers a variety of workshops and educational events covering a wide range of STEAM topics, including engineering, animation, machining and manufacturing, electronics and controls, coding and programming, painting and sculpting, and figure finishing. These enriching programs inspire youth to explore their interests and develop a passion for these diverse disciplines within the STEAM field. The Foundation and its partners create a supportive network of resources, providing access to workshops and events that motivate young people to confidently pursue their aspirations.

Career Options

A remarkable 95% of participants have discovered new career possibilities within the STEAM disciplines through our programs. This statistic highlights the transformative impact of our workshops in broadening horizons and introducing youth to previously unexplored vocational paths.


Furthermore, an inspiring 88% of respondents report a renewed sense of hope for their future. By engaging in STEAM-related activities, these students not only acquire valuable skills but also develop a newfound optimism about their potential achievements. This shift in perspective underscores the empowerment that comes from exploring interests in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.

Interests & Passions

Additionally, an impressive 91% of participants have identified a passion or interest that could potentially lead to a fulfilling career. This revelation is a significant outcome, as it not only opens doors to diverse career opportunities but also encourages self-discovery and fosters a sense of purpose among the youth.

Animatronics Career

97% of participating students indicated that they would want to do an animatronics themed career camp again in the future.

Career Camp