There are so many dreams yet to be realized for so many young people across our community. We’re looking forward to your help in making those dreams a reality.

We are forever grateful to our donors who support our mission and invest in the future of our community.

Garner Holt
Char Burgess
Beverly Rainbolt
Shirley Schmidt
Ernie & Dorothy Garcia
Matt & Taylor Strand
Debbie Brown
Mirau, Edwards, Cannon, Lewin & Tooke
Stan & Ellen Weisser
Miller Architectural Corp.
Joe Richardson
Bob & Beverly Botts
University of Redlands
Judi G. Penman
Dianna Bullard
Patricia Montes
Bill & Kathi Rainbolt
Michelle Berg Martin
Maria Castellon
Mansion Memories
Nikolay Figurin
Tawna Rhodes-Hensely

Our Generous Sponsors

Inspiration Maker $750

Help supply materials for our STEAM workshops and Animatronics Academy Career Camps.


Imagination Maker $1000

Sponsor a student for an Animatronics Academy Career Camp experience and help a student build the creative confidence they need to pursue the career of their dreams.


Innovation Maker $1500

Contribute $1500 to be put towards Garner’s Garage – our community-based makers-space where our future dreamers and doers will come to create whatever their minds can imagine!


Through collaborations, partnerships, volunteerism, and the generosity of donors, the Garner Holt Foundation is dedicated to creating robust systems of learning that equip students with a strong foundation in creativity, innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship. These endeavors aim to propel students toward success in the 21st century. The Foundation’s STEAM workshops, the Animatronics Academy Career Camps, and Garner’s Garage have a ripple effect that will continue to impact students for years to come. With the support of individuals and organizations, we are investing in the students who need it the most, unlocking their potential and helping them achieve their dreams. Together, we can turn their aspirations into reality and make a lasting difference in our community.

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